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We are a group of local photographers in the Ouray, Colorado area focused on shooting unique images that stoke the fire of our individual passions. Although photographers spend most of their time alone pursuing and developing their craft, we have decided to come together in order to share our visual perspectives in one place.

We encourage you to take a close look at each photographer's work, grab a bit of inspiration, and let your mind drift off to the mountains of Southwest Colorado and beyond.  

Images here are available for licensing or sale by the individual photographer.  Please contact them individually for pricing and terms. 

"Photographers tend to shoot the things they fear losing the most" -Chris Burkard

Mike Boruta

Mike Boruta sees the world from above. He is the excited passenger on the airplane with his nose pressed into the window, marveling at the details of the landscape below. He is the hiker who seeks out the trails with the best views. He envies birds and clouds and can spend hours getting lost in a map. Since 2009 he has worked as a freelance cartographer, making recreational maps for National Geographic’s Trails Illustrated, as well as fishing and mountain biking guidebook maps for Stonefly Press and Fixed Pin Publishing. But the types of maps he has always wanted to create have eluded him.

These are the painterly “birdseye maps” that show the landscape as if the reader were flying above it like a bird. It is possible to digitally render these views of the landscape, but the computer struggles to communicate Earth's beauty as well as a skilled painter can. Mike is not a painter, but he has always had a passion for photography. In 2013 he discovered the link which allowed him to turn the birdseye view in his mind into a reality which could be shared with others. This tool was the “flying camera,” also known as a “Drone,” “Unmanned Aerial System,” “Quadcopter,” etc. For the past four years Mike has been honing his skills with this new tool, creating aerial landscape panoramas of the place he knows best - Ouray, Colorado and its strikingly beautiful San Juan Mountains.

Custom sized prints are available, as well as photo licensing, custom aerial photography, and mapping services. Mike is an FAA licensed drone pilot and his work is currently on display at the Photos of Ouray gallery located in downtown Ouray at 738 Main Street. Please reach out with any questions! mike@OuraybyFlight.com

Visit Mike's online gallery at:

Matthew Genuit

A Ouray native, Matthew Genuit has a unique perspective on the beauty of Ouray, Colorado. Matthew has lived in Ouray since 1976 and has been the owner/operator of Ouray Liquors since 1999. Through a series of fortunate events, Matthew discovered a renewed passion for photography in the Spring of 2014.

Focusing primarily on the unique beauty of the late night hours, he began exploring Ouray in a different light. Under the stars. With the Moonlight. With the vibrance of the lights. In September of 2014, he created OurayatNight. OuraybyDaylight was created later on to capture interesting scenes from a very local perspective. Black and White. Muted colors. And rarely captured scenes that present themselves to the select few who reside here.

With the opening of his gallery, Photos of Ouray, Matthew desires to showcase the wonders of Ouray by the very talented photographers that call this place their home.




Markus Van Meter

I haven’t climbed Everest, nor have I skied Chamonix. I haven’t even been to Nepal. But I have been traveling and adventuring in many places most of my life, created a lot of great images that tell a story. And I’ve made it my mid-life’s goal to be as creative as possible towards everything I engage.

I shoot images of people outdoors. Storytelling, adventure, creative works, and visual voodoo motivate me to constantly challenge myself in my artistic works so I can share compelling images with the world.

I’m very fond of Ravens and the fact they represent the souls of people who have died in the mountains. We have a lot of Ravens in Southwest Colorado.

Winning awards and contests do not motivate me and I never enter them, instead I try to keep the focus of my motivation creating something better every time I pick up my camera. Complacency is what gets everyone and what a better reason to be complacent than winning an award.

I greet the World with a smile in a time it’s not hip to do so, and I believe deeply in teamwork, community and collaboration. Let’s stay in touch. Better yet, let’s ski Cham.

All The Best,


You can visit his web site at


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